gta 5 ufo secret mission - mortaltech
gta 5 ufo secret mission - mortaltech

GTA 5 Online Secret UFO Mission, this game is full or mysterious and alien secret missions. Activate this ufo secret mission in gta 5 ?  Some Data miners found a proof of new alien spaceship and that started the mission in game.

This UFO secret mission is not yet access able in the game yet, but surely has included in the game.

Kotaku  informed on the Fort Zancudo UFO Business Battle, which was discovered by  The Game File Gurus . This secret mission is added with the new update in which you can break into UFO and steal some spaceship  parts .

This began when the data mining group discovered ,a new huge UFO model in the game, and  finding that it was bound to a Company Fight operation.

In this one, you need to take the spaceship parts to Omega, an alien enthusiast who is part of GTA’s larger story.

But still it is not sure how to activate GTA 5 Online New Secret UFO Mission. May be its just rock start which wanted data miners to find the mission. Its is possible that you can activate this mission without messing with the game code.

Sadly none has figured how to activate this  mission. Rockstar has recently renewed a domain for gta 6 But do not Expect it to happen soon. But you can create some cool logos with this app


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