iOS 13, Every thing you need to know about is here. Craig Federighi who is Apple’s senior vice president of Software Engineering guided the WWDC. Lets see what are the major changes and performance measure we can see in iOS 13.

iOS 13 Updates & Features

  1. 30% fast face unlock
  2. 50% small app size
  3. 60% small updates size
  4. 2x app launch speed
  5. Dark mode
  6. Dark Keyboard
  7. keyboard Swiping
  8. Sawari new options
  9. updated notes
  10. updated mail setting
  11. reinvented Reminders
  12. updated maps
  13. new app privacy policy
  14. Sign in with apple
  15. HomeKit Secure Video
  16. Memoji Stickers
  17. Portrait Lighting 
  18. Pinch gallery
  19. app shorcuts

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Faster and Shorter Apps

Craig said, now we can face unlock iphone 30% more faster than the previous iOS. They changes the packaging process and now  downloads from APP Store are 50% small and which is great. Similarly they reduced the size of new updates by 60%. Reducing the size of apps effected the launch speed. Now they are 2X faster in launch.

New iOS Black Mode

Every one loves black mode , and now we can experience it on iphones with iOS 13. Changes the whole look of your device. Dark mode also applies on keyboard and looks so great. Swiping over keyboards to write words is also possible with iOS13, simply swipe and write.

New Reminder App

Reminder app is totally reinvented, create reminders just touching on the provided interface for maps , places and more. Now you can tag a persion in your reminders. Next time you talk to them in messages and you will see a reminder notification there.

iOS 13 Maps

3D view in maps for certain places is introduced, Street view got to a whole new level. Pin your favorite places , it will remember them when next time you will take the route.

Privacy Policy

Apple new privacy policy is complete awesome, Apps have to ask for every time they need your location. Either they are running in background. Apple will notify you whenever the app access your location.

Sign in Credentials

Sign in with apple is new credentials that will help you to sign in or sign up without giving them your real email address. they create a temp email that will be pointing to your real email address.

HomeKit Secure video

HomeKit Secure video, cctv cameras videos often uploaded to cloud where they can see or analyze your video. With apple new feature even apple can not see these video, But only you can. You can store videos for 10 days and that storage will not include in your icloud storage.

iOS 13 Memoji

Memoji stickers is new way to set profile pictures and send emoji, created from your images. iOS will auto make these Memojis for you, its fun.


Portrait virtual lightning introduced for different portrait selfies. Also introduced new editing app for apple with a lot of features.



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