Nepal banned PUBG and Iraqi ban just happened right after that. But other royale battles are working perfect. Many other countries also thinking to ban online battle games.

“We have decided to ban the game before anything unfortunate occurs in Nepal,” Dhiraj Pratap Singh, chief of the Metropolitan Crime Division.

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Nepali government said , we have talked to some psychiatrists and they advised us to ban the due to its violent effect on kids.Other countries are going on the same line ( negative effect on youth) . But studies showed that there is no Connection between Violence and PUBG. There is not a single increase in crime percentage due to PUBG.


Nepal banned PUBG, Iraq banned PUBG. PUBG is also banned in china But that is some thing else , Game was not earning any single penny and they decided to take down game from Play stores. Although a new game is introduced  for the china (Game for Peace).it is alternative of  PUBG. Police of India in Ahmadabad also imposed a ban but that was lifted.

Let’s wait and watch what will happen to these online games. Will they be continue to ban? Excessive use of every thing is bad. Same thing goes for video game if you are playing in day and night it will affect you physically and mentally. Let’s hope these bans effect the youth in good way and let them concentrate on their studies.



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