Everyone from 90’s know what is sonic and who is sonic. In any case you do not know let us introduce you with sonic. Sonic is a fictional character from Sonic the hedgehog gaming series. Saga alone is the creator. There is a long series of games developed throughout the years.

Movie Theme

Now that gaming character will be appear in a movie directed by the directors of Fast & Furious. Let’s talk about the film and what is the story. Sonic is a speedy guy I mean he has really fast speed.

He ended up in this world somehow. In addition to that Ben Schwartz is playing sonic voice. Somehow he come in contact with cop who is on duty for speed rules violence. He follows him and ended up being friend with him. Tom Wachowski is playing  role for cop. Then this cop saved him from evil doctor and government who wants to do some experiments on him. Legendary Jim Carrey  is playing Evil Dr. Ivo Robotnik character.

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Sonic Budget and Release  Date

Released date is  November, 8 2019 in USA. $90,000,000 is estimated budget for this movie. Companies are Paramount Pictures, Sega, and Original Film. Paramount pictures edited their log from stars to ring because rings are main thin

Directors View

Tim Miller who directed “Dead Pool” is also directing this movie. He said Saga is not happy with some design. Further he added that we worked hard to make it as realistic as possible. He said about the fur of sonic that we wanted to make it a real creature. Produce Neal Moritz added that we worked hard for his shoes and on his eyes. Because in games only one eye was reviled. The bottom line is that they worked hard for  movie to make it reality.

Sonic Famous Dialog

Business Woman: Do you have your childhood in that bag?
Tom Wachowski: No. I mean, yes, it’s a childhood, but it’s not mine.



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