PUBG New Infection Mode with new Update is introduced. This new update pushed on 13/14 august. Before talking about the new mode lets talk about 2 previous modes. Survive till dawn was a great addition to the game.


Players were so amazed and it was something different from the typical battle game. They were wondering if they can play as zombies in the coming future or something.

After that there was a 4v4 death match. Which is basically one of the best thins ever happened to game. It is addicting and  quick and my favorite. instant kills , who ever reach 40 first is the winner.

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Now PUBG introduced with a new map called infection mode. where you can choose to play as a zombie or a defender. When playing as zombies. You will get a limited time pump up to power after hitting 2 or 3 players. and for the defender you will get points for killing the zombies. after some time defenders will convert into some kind of assassins with some kind of swords or dagger.

if you guys are looking for reviews then i did not liked this mode as compare to 4v4. i am not saying on the behalf of the whole pubg players. but i really do not like it. its not that much interesting.


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