Who is eligible for Stimulus Check payment?, Most of American  citizens are eligible. Who are qualify to receive Stimulus check from American government? There are some Checks if you are fully satisfy those checks you will receive a $1200 check without doing anything.

Complete Detail of Second Stimulus Check read this article

First thing is your annual income must be less than $75,000. If you are married than your income must be less than $150,000, it includes both, your and your partner incomes. If you are single parents than your income must be less than $112,500.

In any case you do not have any income, You still can get and fully eligible for Stimulus check.

Somehow you earn more than the given limit to be eligible to receive stimulus check, then unfortunately you are not eligible to receive the check.

Its doesn’t matter if you are not a U.S. citizen,  it will not change anything and you can receive the stimulus payment, but you need a social security number to prove.

People who are immigrants and hold a green cars are eligible for stimulus check payment.  If you have visa H-1b and H-2A your are eligible.

People who are aliens, do not have security numbers, without documents, temporary workers may not receive the Stimulus Check payment.

Eligibility for Stimulus check with Calculator

There is an easy way to check eligibility for stimulus payment using this Calculator. Click here to use the calculator. It is the easy way to find out either your are eligible or not.

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