Apple confirmed iPhone 11, iPhone 11 max and XR2. Which were so into rumors from long time. Probably according to a Forbes news, three models which were in rumors. Now expected to be release in this fall. Hence it is confirmed after apple filled three new iPhones models. Apple filled these models publicly in Eurasian Economic Commission Regulatory Database.

Model numbers which were filled are:

  1. A211
  2. A2160
  3. A2161
  4. A2215
  5. A2216
  6. A2217
  7. A2219
  8. A2220
  9. A2221
  10. A2221

Xr is expected to be A21, which will come in different storage sizes. Meanwhile others will also be in various storage sizes as iphone 11 and 11 max. Even more apple is about to announce ios 13 soon. Seems like It is expected in their worldwide developer conference. Which is happening in next month.

Apple confirmed iPhone 11 and others will come with new camera upgrades. Thinner than they usually are and will have wider screens. May be Xr would have glass back. 2 new colors will also introduce to this model.



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