Pubg Mobile – New Era is here with new GUI, it is know for its resemblance to real life battles. New Era is changing how this were before. Everything looks real in this game. From Guns to Characters. Cars to bikes and houses and all other logic.

Pubg Mobile new era came with a lot of improvements and some major changes.

For example, Lobby UI is total changed, from starting the match to messaging your friends. By the way Not every one liked it. Players are demanding their old UI which was more attractive.

After the pubg mobile update erangle 2.0, the game just got worse. There are so many bugs. The biggest issue is the spectating glitch. Tencent is doing best but still many issues are there.

After you die and spectate your teammates, you can hear no sounds and you can’t see the enemies as well. This makes the game much worse. Not to mention so much other glitches.

But recently Tencent has lost a lot of family, because Indian government banned Pubg Mobile. That means around millions of user are not have access to Game. It leads to Less user per day.

It is not only game they have banned. There are 117 more apps which are banned by government. Tencent is a Chinese company.

Here are is NEW GUI from pubg mobile new era and you may like it.


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