Second Stimulus Check and Stimulus Package update MortalTech
Second Stimulus Check and Stimulus Package update MortalTech

Second stimulus check update and second stimulus package update. First time there is a stimulus package which include direct stimulus check since July. Today is September 16.

This package will include direct stimulus checks to the people.I have all the details. I am happy to share this good news with you.

Second Stimulus Check - MortalTech
Second Stimulus Check – MortalTech

I will tell you that Problem Solver Caucus which is consist of half democrats and half republican.They promised to come together to always help for the benefit of American people.

They will not miss appointments, they will not talk bad about each other behind each other backs.

The New Stimulus bill has finally been revealed and I want to go through this positive information with you. Here is the best Part, the house of representative and the senate both liked this bill.

American bill Which Include Second Stimulus Check

So far, I am saying this is positive information. The problem-solving Bill is 1.5 trillion-dollar package. Mostly preferring the American people.

When Problem Solving Caucus came together they were able to put together a pipe herdsman deal, to help the American people.

washington, capitol, architecture, building - MortalTech
washington, capitol, architecture, building – MortalTech

Which means democrats and republics what they wanted is going to look batter in the eyes of their voters. Only by working together they have helped the American people

Second Stimulus check and Package Detail

Here is what we know and what will be in this bill, the most important thing is, we know that there is 1200 (dollar) second stimulus check, rental assistance, food assistance, more help to schools, and money for small businesses.

Small business which can show that they have really been damaged by the lock down. There is also going to be money for post office and to continue to fight virus and testing it. And there is going to be money for unemployment.

Second stimulus check Break Down 

$1200 for adults, $500 for dependents $300 for the week, what they are saying right now 450 dollars for unemployment for 8 weeks.

That will help to reach up to 600 dollars per week or your previous weekly income before you laid off. So, it will be either 600 dollars maximum or living you was making before the lock down.

Stimulus check September 16 - MortalTech
Stimulus check September 16 – MortalTech

This allow them to be fair for who were earning more than 600$ to stay at home and I think it is good that is certainly higher than $300 that was rejected.

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There is one more thing about stimulus check update that, there is going to be $25 billion dollars to help rentals issue and Morgan assistance. But still there is no more information.

The republicans now willing to through 10 billion for post offices.  The democrats, remember the house of representatives swore not going to leave till the bill is pass.

They all back to sign the $25 billion deal for American act, not all the money is going to people, no they have compromised this bill.

stimulus check america - MortalTech

15 billion Dollars will go to the post office and 400 million for assuring people will be able to vote for presidential elections and others.

Elections which are coming up smoothly. That 400 will help them to voting go smoothly,

Automatic Built in Stabilizer

Now this bill also has what is called automatic built in stabilizer. Although the virus numbers Trending downwards in some parts of America, and going upward at some points in the country and also  holding at their consistent number.

But for Some Reason Virus is entering for its 3rd wave, which means if there are more problems than, 500 billion will automatically kick in.

The congress and president would able to automatically direct that 500 billion to the American people for unemployment.

More Stimulus checks, whatever the need is down the road. For now, that is what I know from the problem solver caucus Stimulus package proposal that does include direct stimulus check for the people.

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