NEW Stimulus Checks DELIVERY DATES, I’ll tell you about stimulus checks Mark these dates on your calendar now we’ll go over some dates that millions of Americans are going to be receiving stimulus checks and inflation relief checks.

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New Stimulus Checks Delivery Dates

it’s just unbelievable you can let me know your thoughts. In this stimulus check mark these dates on your calendar. Now as more and more stimulus checks inflation relief checks are still coming
out here this month.

This year I’ll say this month’s almost over but still some are going to be coming out here for the rest of this year. There are 33 different states that have approved stimulus checks,
inflation relief checks, tax rebate checks, whatever you want to call them.

Slightly different names throughout each state. There’s Federal programs as well remember the big one right now is the
student loan forgiveness of 10 to 20 000 for over 40 million Americans.

There could be even more other programs coming
out here soon as well.

Remember we’ve had rent assistance Mortgage Assistance utility
assistance three stimulus checks on the federal level and there could be a lot more coming here soon.

New Stimulus Checks Delivery Dates

So, let’s go over some of these dates coming here soon. Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy announced a thirty-two hundred dollar
payments from the state’s permanent dividend funds would be issued to qualifying Alaskans.

Whose applications were approved by September 9th. Thirty-two hundred dollars per person. Those who file by paper or requested a paper check began seeing checks in October.

This amount is larger than normal for residents because of the addition of a 650-dollar energy relief payment under the Colorado cash back program.

Eligible residents received payments of 750 per person or fifteen hundred dollars for joint filers.

But here’s some new dates coming out here as well
California has a stimulus checks going out to 23 million Americans right now.

These checks are going to continue here for quite some weeks as they’re sending out literally to 23 million Americans okay.

So, you know there’s going to be some people that kind of is waiting on checks.

California Stimulus Check Date

Qualifying California residents who filed their taxes electronically were to get stimulus money by October 25th those who file by paper will get their checks.

So, I think those who filed you know they sent their taxes in the mail.

We’ll get theirs between October 28th and November 14th.

So, keep those dates in mind the amounts vary from 250 to a thousand fifty the 250 is.

if you make a higher income like between 700 or up between 75000 and like 150 000.

But most people are going to get 350 dollars per person stimulus checks up to a thousand fifty.

So, if you have up to three people in your family including dependents.

You will get thousand fifty 350 per person. Two people seven hundred dollars three people a thousand fifty.

Those are the dates there for California checks still going out still going up Illinois November 7th.

Illinois Stimulus Check Date

Illinois payments of fifty dollars per person a hundred dollars for married couples.

It’s also an extra hundred dollars for dependents so you can get up to four hundred dollars for the checks. There for families
depending on how many people and there’s also an up to three hundred dollars for property tax rebates for property owners.

So, a total of up to seven hundred dollars between the two checks. How many people in your family. If you’re a
property owner.

For those who made less than two hundred thousand dollars the state began issuing checks in September noting that it would take
about eight weeks to send those checks to all who qualify going out till November 7th.

you know if you’re waiting on a paper check in the mail could be could be some time here.

Indiana Stimulus Check Date

Indiana November 1st qualifying taxpayers in Indiana will get 200 sometime in late October most likely. The state asked residents to wait until November 1st before contacting the Department of Revenue.

If they haven’t received their checks. So, if you haven’t received your checks, you can just Google Indiana Department of Revenue and call them up.

Rhode Stimulus Check Date

Rhode Island October for qualifying parents who filed an original or amended tax return by August 31st there’s 250 to 750.

Child tax credit rebates being distributed in October right now. That’s 250 per child on a child tax credit. Remember that a lot of states have child tax credits.

This is for Rhode Island but there’s a lot of states that have child tax credits on the state level. In addition to the child tax credits on the Federal level even if they don’t pass the enhanced child tax credits.

They’re probably going to go back down to two thousand dollars per child you will need to file a tax return on the federal level to do that I’ll keep you up to date here on all this on our

Virginia Stimulus Check Date

Virginia October 31st qualifying. Virginians who filed their taxes by September 5th were scheduled to receive their rebates 250 for single filers 500 for joint filers by October 31st happy.

IRS Letters for Stimulus Checks and New Tax Brackets


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