Fortnite – undercover Sneaking in Girlfriend Stream , so this famous guy TG plays sneaked into his girlfriend stream undercover. She did not know about him.

Tournament rules were, you can choose any character but it has to be blue so this guy tg plays sneaked in his girlfriend stream.

TG Plays turned blue and entered in her lobby. Bloobs97 was the code to enter the tournament and when he entered the tournament every one was blue ocean tides.

She was so happy that everyone were so committed about being blue in her tournament. She was just an average player maybe like me.

if you think you are not enough good player look at these tips. She got instantly eliminated after drooping. She said i could not eliminated opponent because it was so good blue.

He tried to eliminated each player who was not following the rule means if the player was not blue. He ended being on number 2. he could not win the game though.

After that he went to tell her that it was him. She said i suspected that it might be you.

Moral Fortnite undercover Sneaking

that was a good way to connect through gaming. they were streaming and playing well you guys should do that too. Fortnite sneaking in girlfriend stream. Lets try this some day and have fun for sure. Download Fortnite from Epic Games website for Free

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