10 Among Us Hackers who Destroyed the Game, There are hackers in every game and among us is also polluted with them. They do not play by the rules as everyone know. They go through them. They can teleport and can even change skins and more.

Download the game if you have not downloaded yet and enjoy.

10- Auto Imposter Hacker

Hackers can be ridiculously wild in game and really get the whole fun. Actually watching this hacker with mod menu is whole fun.

10 Among Us Hackers who Destroyed the Game
Auto Imposter Hacker

This Among us hacker just killed the whole lobby in seconds. You can see him using his hack and killing all the lobby instantly.

After eliminating everyone he just voted another player because his name was hacker, seriously! if i was in this lobby i would be angry but fortunately i am not, so we can have a laugh.

9- Snake Hacker

Lets check number 9 on 10 Among us hackers, the snake Hacker. when you think what is purpose of hacking among us or what will among us hacker do ?

Snake Hacker 10 Among Us Hackers who Destroyed the Game
Snake Hacker

Changing their colors , or completing tasks or maybe making themselves imposter. But they always come up with amazingly good cheats. Now look at this Among us Snake Hacker.

He took the whole lobby and made it centipede well that is pretty weird hack.

8- Disco Mode Hacker

This next hacker you may come across yourself. It feels very weird if i say, a harmless among us hacker.

Disco Mode Hacker 10 Among Us Hackers who Destroyed the Game
Disco Mode Hacker

well it is weird to say, If they ask you which kind of hacker you would like in your lobby. i will suggest this one. He go disco, change his colors and changes others colors when going nearby.

7-  Silent Hackers

Seeing hacker in your lobby is pretty shocking when you are not expecting them to be there.

Silent among us
Silent among us

A lot of hacker show themselves the moment they enter in the lobby. Look here he just tried to kill eliminate him before this little guy just hope in.

6- Outfit changing hacker

Imagine a random crewmate doing his own things. Its is pretty easy and simple game to play. wander around the map and do your tasks.

Outfit changing hacker
Outfit changing hacker

You are having fun and enjoying the game. Suddenly the lights turn down and your world gets upside.

This guys was being the third imposter and no body knows. He just kill players instantly without changing the colors. He was changing his outfit every second.

5- Respawn Hacker

Every time it feels good and you see someone is acting Sus. So you call a meeting and voted them and get them out of the game. This feel goods when that player is not a hacker.

Respawn Hacker
Respawn Hacker

Players voted another player who was imposter. what he did in return, he just respawned in the lobby and acting like nothing has happened.

He got super powers after that, he passed through walls and skipped the meeting like, no no it ok i am here again!

4- Eris Loris

One day when everyone was playing a fine game and their lobby just turned black, like everything black. Around 5 Million people were affected with that.

Eris Loris
Eris Loris

They were receiving spam massage¬† “go sub their channel we want him”.¬† The moment they thought, now it is over, they again attacked the game after several hours. Then again 5 million people experienced it.

After that production put the game on emergency server to fix this. Obviously it was a big one attack and a big group of hackers to be in my top 10 among us hackers .

3- Chilled out hackers

Mostly hackers can destroy the whole lobby in the game but some are like good one i think, like disco hacker.

chilled out hackers
chilled out hackers

There are some hackers who love to direct up vibes without caring what will player see.

This one was a fast speed hacker going on high speed from one place to another by crossing walls.

2- Name changing Hacker

In among us everyone choose their own name, and we never able to remember their names. We just remember them by there colors.

Name changing Hacker 10 Among Us Hackers who Destroyed the Game
Name changing Hacker

This Among us hacker is the sharper one from 10 among us Hackers. He changed the names of every player in the lobby to loading name.

Every body thought that it is server error or high ping which is causing the name to load slowly. Well he has IQ over 200.

They must have thought among us is having trouble or having their game is crashing or something.

1- Serial Eliminator

The last among us hacker in our list, he just activated the hack and start killing players in instant like teleporting from one place to another and killing them.

serial hacker among us = MortalTech
serial hacker among us = MortalTech


He won the game just in seconds, Other thing he did was auto zoom, camera of entire lobby was auto zooming and going places automatically.

How you liked my list of top 10 among us hackers if you loved it let me know in the comments and you passed by any other among us hacker which can be in my list of among us hacker let me know.

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