what is aow_drv file ? should i Deleteit ? Mortaltech
what is aow_drv file ? should i Deleteit ?

What is aow_drv? should i Delete it ? is a log file used with Gameloop. aow_drv is used to store game / emulator information. It also stores crash report and other thing related to your game and emulator.

It was fine to delete aow_drv but after some updates tencent made it necessary for the emulator. In other worlds you can not delete it in case you are still using Gameloop.

What if You Delete aow_drv

It is not easy to delete aow drv.log file without cmd. So you cannot delete it by chance or just right clicking and select delete. But in any case you delete it, your Gameloop emulator will stop working. And you have to install it from start.

After reinstall the Gameloop you game will work fine. If you are not using emulator any more. it is safe to delete this file.

So now you know what is aow_drv file  and it depend when you want to delete it. Some people ask me on internet is this a virus, or contains virus? This is just a log file which is important to to run Gameloop on you laptop or pc.

If you delete it you have to reinstall everything to make them work.

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