Apple Removed China’s Hong Kong HKMap App from the App Store. Apple last week removed an app (HKmap ) that was used to track police movements on the iPhone. Hong Kong protesters were using it to monitor police movements. A Chinese state newspaper criticized it.

An American firm pushed into a political issue between the mainland and Hong Kong protesters. Tim cook apple CEO and china’s chief market regulator met in Beijing on Thursday. Cook defended the removal and said the replacement of this app (HKmap ) is suitable for our users.

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A statement published on the market regulation website that, cook and its chief, has discussed. Apple is expanding investment in china, consumer rights, and more. They were not any more information related to this.

Everyone has an eye on china’s market, and for apple, they hold 5.8 percent shares, which were 6.4 percent. They dropped in the past year when the US marked china in the entity list. They also increased tax and stopped US firms to business with Chinese companies. But china’s homemade company Huawei is dominating the mobile industry in China.

Their meeting happened some days before the world internet conference, which is happening in Wuzhen china’s eastern Zhejiang province. Many government officials, overseas companies’ representatives also Tim himself attended the meeting.


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