Signal App WhatsApp Alternative went Down

Signal App Whatsapp alternative went down - Mortaltech
Signal App Whatsapp alternative went down - Mortaltech

Signal App WhatsApp Alternative went Down, signal is new in town. Actually its not new, but recently it became more famous when WhatsApp updated its private policy.

You can download Signal Private Messenger from Google Play Store. Signal was recently down due to the enormous amount of people flew from WhatsApp to here.

in recent tweet they said they are facing technical difficulties and  Signal app will be available soon.

WhatsApp recently update their privacy policy and strictly said, if you want to use WhatsApp you have to follow our privacy policy or you will not be able to use our service.

Get a free Galaxy s21 to run Signal on it ?.

Main reason was now they will share data with Facebook and other Facebook child companies. Everyone is afraid is that which data will they  share and what will happen to shared data.

that’s is why people are migrating from WhatsApp to Signal App as they give facility of end to end encryption.

Reason why Signal App stayed down for the whole day because million of people are downloading this app. Signal is best WhatsApp alternative if you need security of your data.

in recent tweet they said, they have added more servers to increase the capacity.

there are WhatsApp alternative you can use telegram in case signal is down.



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