Kamala Harris campaign for becoming the next president was something. Speech that gave courage to the supporters but also upsets some of her closest allies. This week, in her very first democratic presidential debate she has inspired millions of people, that will provide clean moment to her campaign. Kamala Harris (California senator) who is trying to become the very first black women to become the president.

Ms.Harris’s debate night was a “game changer,” said Aimee Allison, founder and president of She the People. A political advocacy group focusing on women of all colors.

The founder of She the People (a political group that manly focus on women of all colors) Aimee Allison said, Ms. Harris debate was game changer. As her debate was game changer. But she was criticized for being too thoughtful. Her speech was good or something, but she directly challenged the front runner in the game. Yes, we are talking about former Vice president joseph R. Biden Jr. (over school integration bus).

Kamala Harris who was willing to talk about her biography on that campaign, also told about her personal life related to that integration program. Her campaign is selling shirts ‘That little girl was me’ with a picture sharing on her twitter account.

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Along with other rivals Ms. Kamala at migrant detention center to show a intend against Trumps immigration policies. But she made clear that she is ready, and she is totally different from the pack of wolfs.




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