70 Best FYP Ideas – Best Final year project ideas , a lot of student struggle to find best FYP for their last semester. So here are the best 70 ideas which may help you to find best final year project for you.

70 Best FYP Ideas - Best Final year project ideas Mortaltech
70 Best FYP Ideas – Best Final year project ideas Mortaltech

You can get inspiration from these ideas and craft your own FYP.
Have a look on these 70 best FYP ideas  collected for you. You need best laptop with high specs for your FYP  have a look at these best laptops. 

Best Final year project ideas (Best FYP Ideas)

  1. Algorithms Encyclopedia
  2. Analyzing Political Orientation of Political Actors
  3. Android based Blood Bank Network system
  4. Bikers Portal
  6. Classifieds Online (Online Advertising Website)
  7. Clinical Decision Support System for maintaining Distributed
  8. Electronic Health Records.
  9. Transforming Biometric Attendance system to Centralized
  10. Computer Based Biometric
  11. Context Aware Mobile Library Management System
  12. Context-Aware Digital Watch Mobile Application
  13. Crime Management System
  14. Online solution for Research Proposal writing and submission
  15. Designing and Development of Train Seat Booking System
  16. Digital 3D image Automated Attendance System(AAS)
  17. DNA Sequence Format Converter
  18. “E-EXAM”: An Online Exam Management System
  19. Email Reply Planner
  20. Email Scheduler
  21. Events Information Management System
  22. Image Based Password to Avoid Shoulder Surfing
  23. Accelerometer Based Graphical Step Counter and Health Profiler
  24. Find Personal Trainer System
  25. Fitness Walk Run (FWR)
  26. Flow chart to code (F2C) converter
  27. Fuzzy Logic Based Expert System for Evaluating Course
  28. Performance of E-Learning Student
  29. Hospital information Management System (HMIS)
  30. Android Home Monitoring
  31. Home Remedies
  32. Metro Route Finder
  33. Location and State Sharing
  34. Medical Helper Using OCR
  35. My Career Assistant
  36. Network Sniffer
  37. Network White-Box(NWB)
  38. Network Application
  39. On Demand Remote Surveillance and Controlling of Work Stations
  40. Virtual Academy
  41. Online Admission System fo VU of Pakistan
  42. Online Alumni Portal
  43. Online Cargo Booking for Airline Flight Operations
  44. Online Garments shopping
  45. Online Hostel Management
  46. Online News Management System
  47. Online Student-Teacher Meeting Scheduler
  48. Pharmacy Inventory System of Elite Medical Dispensary
  49. Unity Based 3D Jumble Word Quest
  50. Mobile App for Home Medicine Inventory
  51. College Library System
  52. Rapid Web Page Designer
  53. Remote Controlling of PC via Android Based Keyboard and Mouse
  54. RDIF Based Door Lock System
  55. Sale/Purchase Vehicles Online
  56. Salesman Tracking System Based Mobile App
  57. School Management System
  58. Secure and Encrypted Short Message Service using AES Encryption Algorithm
  59. Self-Learn Tutorial app
  60. Smart FTP Client
  61. Spectra Online Photography
  62. Speech Synthesizer Application for Blinds (SSAB)
  63. Smart Profile (SProfile)
  64. Tailoring Management System
  65. Vehicle Back Distance Calculator using Infrared Sensors
  66. Mobile App to Calculate Steps Using Pedometer or Accelerometer Sensor in Smart Phone
  67. Time Sensitive Search Engine
  68. Unlocking and Locking car using Arduino and Android smart phone application
  69. Online Complaint Registration Portal
  70. Web based Inventory Management System

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if you think there should be more ideas related to best final year project ideas and you want to contribute, email me on “Contact@mortaltech.com”. I will add them here.

Do not forget to use github for version control and to store you project on cloud so everyone working on it easily get it. You do not have to worried if you deleted the Project.

It is always on github and you can get it any time.


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