Black Friday: LG 4K resolution 55-inch OLED Smart TV, With the deal we present, you will consider your options even if you do not need to renew your television.

Because this LG Smart TV is really insane. You should be aware of your clever processor right away since it will render you completely speechless.

For its color accuracy, fidelity, and, most importantly, for how easily you can switch between programmes.

The OLED technology is added as if that weren’t enough. The reality is that this sort of screen will startle you right away if you haven’t used one before.

We are also discussing a special edition, which will be obvious in all the little features it conceals. Avoid missing it!


Black Friday LG 4K resolution 55-inch

The screen on this remarkable television is 55 inches large, giving you the impression that you are watching a movie in a theatre. However, it still fits well into practically any piece of furniture, so you won’t run into any issues in this respect.

Black Friday: LG 4K resolution 55-inch OLED Smart TV

This Smart TV’s internal smart processor is its most striking feature. Even on OLED displays, this has been specially created to deliver the best performance.

Additionally, it is able to recognize any conceivable sort of image and adjust to the needs of each image. Get the loudness and color fidelity at 100% all the time with this.

LG with Artificial Intelligence

Additionally, artificial intelligence is in charge of detecting object movement and has the power to produce a surround sound experience that will leave you speechless.

Additionally, it is 100% compatible with all HDR formats, including HDR Dolby Vision, HDR10+, HGiG, and HLG. Since it is Dolby Atmos compliant, you won’t experience any sound compatibility issues either.

We must not forget to note that it is an edition that is art-focused, in addition to all we have said thus far. Consequently, it is given the label “Gallery Edition.” Its design makes it the ideal fit for any wall in order to achieve this.

Low Cost Black Friday Smart Tv

It will only need to be hung to give the impression that it is an artwork, and it won’t draw any attention in any living space!

Also noteworthy is the fact that it is the ideal TV for gaming. Only LG OLED Smart TVs are compatible with NVIDIA G-Sync, which enables them to have a reaction time of 0.1 Ms.

Moreover, have a latency of less than 12 MS!

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