Signal is Back – Signal update is coming , after a couple of rough days it is back, up and running in best condition.

As we already know, App was down due to great number of people were shifting from WhatsApp to other end to end encrypted apps.

It is one of them, servers could not handle the load and space was low to handle million of users.

signal Update message

in case you guys are facing this issue just reset session from the setting , instruction given above and it will be fixed in next update. There is no issue with with security.

As an unfortunate side effect of this outage, users might see errors in some of their chats. This does *not* affect your chat’s security, but you may have missed a message from that contact. The next app updates will fix this automatically. Here’s what you can do now…


We are not going back on WhatsApp, Still many of us using WhatsApp. It is time to shift as everyone is shifting. update your signal app from google playstore



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