ChatGPT in USA Real Estate Industry

1 ChatGPT in USA Real Estate Industry

ChatGPT in USA Real Estate Industry, According to CNN, real estate agents all throughout the country are using the application to assist them in creating property descriptions and content scripts.

According to Mike Puma, chief marketing officer of Century 21 Beggins, “We’re utilizing it every day.” ChatGPT is used to create content for real estate agents, such as social media postings and video scripts.

They can now devote more time to what they do best because of this.

2 ChatGPT in USA Real Estate Industry
ChatGPT in USA Real Estate Industry ?

Broker Tony Angelos of Chicago said he began using ChatGPT immediately after OpenAI introduced it in November 2022.

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He described it as “a complete game changer.” “Marketing and prospecting is basically most of the key tasks of the profession,” said most real estate brokers.

Additionally, this method is incredibly economical to entirely get rid of one of those things.

Angelos frequently use the tool to generate scripts for listing descriptions and social media videos.

He asked the AI software to prepare a screenplay earlier this week on things to do in Chicago in February.

What would have taken him 20 minutes to compose, according to him, only took ChatGPT 5 seconds.

I asked you to make it a bit funnier, and it did, he remarked. “By no means is it flawless.

But it’s a fantastic place to start. Indianapolis-based realtor Paige Hewitt has utilised ChatGPT to assist with the creation of property summaries and marketing mailings.

She expressed excitement at the fact that the program’s capabilities much beyond her expectations and that the time it saves her will allow her to interact with clients for longer.

It will make my job simpler, which will make me better at it, she claimed. Learning windows shortcuts can also increase the working process.



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