Vivo Xiaomi Oppo are Now Working Together on A New Project. There are a lot of brands for mobiles but 3 of them joined forces to work on file transfer. that will help user to transfer files from one android mobile to another is seconds.

You will be able to share all kind of data. file transfer rate will be 20 mega bite per second. Some mobile have the functionality to share in seconds but the problem is mobile have to be of same company.

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So their goal is to share data on different brands cell phone with same phones. It will use P2P protocol. this technology will use Bluetooth to connect and share data. For now only 3 companies  (Vivo Xiaomi Oppo)are working together we hope they involve more companies in the future.

If we take example of Sasmsung, they use wifi to share data from one device to another. It is called wifi direct. But the problem is both devices must be of Samsung. That is the reason these companies are working together to eliminate this problem. So they can facilitate every user either they are using same company cell phones or a different ones. Lets see what is next.


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