As we all know, YouTube is a video sharing platform. There are a lot of channels, but some of them you should follow. They have all sorts of videos like funny, informative, songs, religious, pets, and many many more. Creator is people who upload videos on youtube. Today we will suggest some channels that you should follow to stay up to date from current happenings. Kill your boring time. Make your day while watching some cat/dog videos. Here is the list of top 10 youtube channels.


How to basic in an Australian youtube channel that features funny how-to videos. If you see his titles, generally, you will get the idea for some pretty basic, and usually how to channel. But after playing one of the videos, you will realize he is an egg machine. Just check his channel.


it is a Canadian based youtube channel that features technology review and unboxing. Lewis George Hilsenteger is the host, and Jack Maccan is a videographer. They have over 14 million subs.


MKBHD is the professional name of Marques Brownlee. He an American youtube who runs a technology channel. Unlike others, he is not into unboxing, but he reviews the products and lets people know if it is good or bad for them.

Dude Perfect

This channel is about sports entertainment, and it is one of the most popular channels on youtube. Tyler Toney, Coby Cotton, Cory Cotton, Cody Jones, Garrett Hilbert are the channel founders. They upload videos about tricks in sports.

jerry rig everything

He mostly does unboxing things. But not usual unboxing. He tears down smartphones, does durability tests on them, and anything else to torcher the smartphone. He has no many subscribers but growing day by day.



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