Missouri Amendment 3: Marijuana Supported by Voters, At least twice in the past. Missouri’s legislature failed to approve recreational marijuana, which prompted supporters to turn to the public for approval.

Missouri Amendment 3 Marijuana Supported by Voters MORTALTECH

The constitutional amendment was placed on the ballot thanks to a petition effort organized by the organization Legal Missouri 2022.

Tuesday night in St. Louis, Legal Missouri 2022 leaders addressed supporters and hailed Amendment 3 as a victory.

Campaign manager John Payne questioned the large gathering.

Missouri Amendment 3 Joined states

Missouri has officially joined Washington D.C. and the other 19 states in legalizing marijuana in the US.

Ten years after Colorado made the first such step, this one has been made. On election day. voters in four additional states will also decide whether to legalize marijuana.

With the new amendment, persons who are 21 years of age or older are now permitted to possess up to 3 ounces of marijuana. as well as up to six flowering plants, clones, and seedlings.

As early as February 2023, Missourians will be able to purchase marijuana for recreational use lawfully, according to the Department of Health and Senior Services.

Marijuana-Related Goods

A 6% sales tax on marijuana-related goods for recreational use would bring in an estimated $40 million for the state.

The money would be divided among grants for drug addiction prevention and treatment, the Missouri State Public Defender programme, and programmes for veterans.

Missouri Amendment 3 Marijuana Supported by Voters 1

The initial opportunity to submit an application for a complete license to sell both medicinal.

Recreational marijuana will be granted to medical marijuana dispensaries, growing facilities, and manufacturing licensees.

After that, 144 more micro-licenses will be distributed using a lottery mechanism.


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