How to withdraw money from  and is it legit orscam ? Before i start the method make sure you read the entire article. Make sure you read it and get the main idea.

Let me know in the comments if you really think i am telling you the truth. Now Lets start the method.

Earn money on as you can see the link. i have  logged in the website and you can see there is $178 in my account.  Now what you have to do is click on the button “Start Watching Paid Ads”.

After that it will take you to the page something like this. where they say, ” enter the number in the box showing in the image”.

So every time you enter the number it and click and will refresh and open a new box. They said they will pay you 10 cent for each number you have entered.

You dont have to watch ads. and they will enter add  that amount in your account. But that add changes every time you see enter the number.

So do you really think a website is going to pay you this much amount in that easily.? think for a second and did your mind clicked that is not they scamming you ?

check if site is legit or scam.

Some point to consider, when you think now you want to earn money. You have in  your mind that this specific website is going to help.

Check if this specific site ( have https:// certificate. They have any kind of contact number in there website. Any kind of Email Address they have.

if they do not have such kind of things then this website is not suitable for you and you will waste your time here.

Withdraw money from

Now click on the withdraw money and you will see they are saying.  you need at least 154 dollars to with draw money. You can clearly see there are already 170+ dollars in the account.

and there is one more thing. they say you need at least 40 Referral. You notices that there is already enough amount in my account to fulfill the criteria.
but they did not detect money in my account. is not that suspicious?

They is one more criteria they are asking to wait for 50 days or send them 10 dollars to withdraw money.
Go to there support section and they do not have any kind of contact number , their location , or any kind of email address


Now if read the whole article then you have understand how to judge a website if it is legit or scam. If you are thinking about , they clearly are scam, check the main points i told you to think about a website authenticity.
Clearly this website is not even completing a single of them.

So is a scam. So do not waste your time on click for ads on such webs sites, it there is a short way to earn money it is clearly a scam and you will waste your time money at  the same time.


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