Apple mac pro stand cost ?  we know how much costly apple products are. This time apple broke all previous records. In WWDC they announced the prices of apple products along with some new apple products. Audience was shocked after hearing prices of apple products.


Pro XDR cost about $4999 and Pro XDR with nano texture cost an extra grand total of $5999. We think these prices are digest able. VESA price $199 which is a normal stand and here comes the real thing. Pro stand cost $999, that was announced on the stage by officials. We know that whenever we buy a product, we get the stand for free or it is adjusted in the actual price. We have never paid separately for stand right ?

By the way who charge for the stands ? They should say Pro XDR cost about $5999 and if you do not wanna buy Pro stand it will cost you about $4999.

you cant get 550+ kg of aluminium for a single Apple Mac Pro Stand Cost but if there is a Apple logo on, well than what can we say. You should know, VESA is not a brand. it is a standard for wall mount. you can get VESA wall mount on amazon for $30. If you want to increase the quality may be it reach $100. But what is with $999 price? May be they are good in quality but how much ? that even there prices are 100 times higher.

Biggest fans of apple were gathered at WWDC, this time they all were screwed. Seriously they were not happy with the new high prices specially for that stands.

Apple Mac Pro Stand and Angry Apple users

@John_nguyen0 said: “Can’t tell if Apple is trolling people with the $1,000 monitor stand or are just flat out delusional.”

@Tyler_Wildman said: “Debating whether to pay roughly two months of my mortgage or use the same money to buy a F***  MONITOR STAND FROM APPLE WHAT THE ***.

@MOTE_Games said: “If Apple wants to sell me a stand for $999 it damn better be able to stop time or something.




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