Prince Harry and Meghan Markle do not Deserve 150M Netflix Deal - mortal tech
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle do not Deserve 150M Netflix Deal - mortal tech

Prince Harry and Meghan do not Deserve Netflix 150M Deal claimed by loose women Jane Moore. She said Prince Harry and Meghan Markle do not have enough experience for netflix project.

She added ” They are taking away opportunities from the young talent (due to prince harry and meghan netflix deal)”.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who recently just  bought a 14 million worth mention in Santa Barbara, Recently they signed a deal with online streaming company netflix, they said it will bring hope and inspiration with their new upcoming projects.

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Couple just found a new company which will make documentaries, films, shows and children programms.

Despite this Loose Women’s jan irritated with this deal. She said they got this deal because of what they are, But not what they provided or what they proved.

She said , they choose this over young talent and they have no experience on their own.

Host Charlene White asked “Do they deserve this deal ” on which Jan immediately replied “No” End of discussion.

She Further said:

‘I’m all for if, ten years down the line, they have made lots of programmes and come up quietly and got the deal then [that would be different],’ she said.

‘But I think them just parachuting in is not good for the creative industry as a whole, Ryan Murphy has a deal, Shonda Rhimes, these are proven really good creative writers, producers, creators.’

Fellow host Gloria Hunniford, 80, went on to share her opinion on the deal, admitting she felt it was ‘inevitable’.

‘I am not surprised at all, said Gloria, ‘Because when you talk about giving hope, I think the 100 million dollars might give Meghan and Harry a bit of hope.

‘We knew when they went back to America, that commercialism was coming in. They have to make their money and it was inevitable they were going to make it in some kind of commercial way.

‘I disagree with Jane in a way, I understand about new talent but you can’t blame Netflix for getting Harry and Meghan, worldwide that is an immediate attraction.’

Gloria finished by saying: ‘She’s got what she wanted in the end so I’m not surprised one little bit.’

Jane then quipped: ‘And the good news is they can pay back the £2.4 million the British taxpayer gave to used to refurbish the house they no longer live in’.

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