PUBG Earned $920 million Dollars In One Year

PUBG Earned $920 million dollars just in one year. Pubg is an online battle royale game available on multiple platforms pc, mobile, Xbox and ps .we are again saying PUBG Earned $920 million dollars.   You might like: how to download PUBG and Mobile specs PUBG Corp Financials: 2018 Revenue: $920 million2018 Profit: $310 million […]

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Apex legends views are drooping

Apex legends views are drooping in Just a Month

Apex legends views are drooping on stream by 75%. Whereas Fortnite is still keeping its place and stability. Respawns astonishment announcement of legends influenced Fortnight for a while. According to a report by StreamElements suggest that did 40 million hours watched In a single week – but by march those view will  drop down to […]

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