10 Things Every Fortnite Player Misses

10 Things Every Fortnite Player Misses

10 Things Every Fortnite Player Misses, its been exactly three years since the tilted towers update in Fortnite. I got to say so much stuff has come and gone since i started playing.

I can’t afford to miss while we got locked up. Today we are talking about 10 Things Every Fortnite Player Misses.

let me know in the comment section what you miss from Fortnite. On number 10 we have more map changes.

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10- More map changes

On number 10 from  10 things Fortnite, if you remember later seasons of chapter one were getting dozens and dozens of map changes all the time.

On fact season x was dedicated entirely to map changes with all the rift and crazy stuff happening.

More map changes in fortnite - MortalTech
More map changes – MortalTech

while we love some good map changes in chapter 2 where epic has kind of disappointed us quite a bit. since chapter 2 begun we have barely seen any changes to island itself.

The biggest changes were in season 2 where the entire map flooded since then its been pretty quite specially in the last two seasons. The only really  map changes we got were on the day one season and then a few smaller changes.

we used to get theses small map changes every update and we were given all kind of Easter eggs hints, upcoming skins and even some storyline details.

since season 5 started all we got was the predator pod in stealthy stronghold and that’s pretty much it.

We don’t even get updates on people like the pipe man or the rock family its kind of sad actually. (From 10 things Fortnite this is saddest)


9- Concerts in Fortnite

One of the best things everyone misses is concerts in Fortnite. I am talking about live concerts.

These are some best gems come out of Fortnite and seriously some of the biggest moments in the game history. I can not think of anyone who did not like the concerts.

Concerts in Fortnite – MortalTech

\We have gotten all if we want to see more of these cross over live events. besides this we do not have a great track record of being entertain, remember the qubit even.

I love to see drake or post Malone in concerts.

8- Launch Pads which Players Misses

Well this means nothing if we do not include launch pads. These things, area actual staple in the Fortnite loop pool. Without them it feels so empty and slow.

Launch Pads Players Misses – Mortaltech

I mean sure epic given us mobility with bouncers, crash pads and more. The magic of launch pads can never be replaced they let an entire team rotate and there is nothing in the game like  this.

7- Original Secret Skins in Fortnite

its been a long time since we had an original secret skin in the battle pass. In fact its actually been over a year and half the last original secret skin was in chapter 2 season 1.

Original Secret Skins in -MortalTech

since then its been dominated by random cross overs, we had dead pool, aqua man, wolverine and now we have predator.

Don’t get me wrong, i loved them a lot but its safe to say we can go back to some real secret skins that would give us story line content.

6 – Vending Machines

You guys remember vending machines? it seems like obvious answer but they were actually so long ago that it feels like blur at this point.

Vending Machines

They were really such an amazing addition in Fortnite. Now obviously in chapter2 we have the NPCS around the map.

They serve as a pretty decent replacement but it just do not feel the same. We can not upgrade the weapon and upgrade things using vending machines.

5- Fun vehicles

Joyride updated recently and having cars around the map has been a real breath of fresh air , and being able to escape the storm quickly.

Fun vehicles

But cars just do not have that same kind of thing and feel as old Fortnite vehicles.

They were great for getting around but there just no fun to them that’s why they made us to miss them.

4- Season Build ups

Chapter two live events have not actually been that good?  we have Travis Scott concert, the device event the galactus event .

They sure were pretty good. There is just something missing  that none of these had.

Season Build ups Mortaletch

That’s a buildup, some of the magic behind. The live event chapter 1 was the build up to its something that every single event had.

Especially things like the runes and Kevin the cube. Kevin the cube was so iconic yet even he is not the part of it.

3- Hundred Percent Chest Bonds

Epic made a really weird decision in chapter two that almost every single player in the game disagreed with.

They still have not changed their mind about it for a short amount of time in chapter two. The island had something really special that was 100 chest spawn .

ercent Chest Bonds -MortalTech

Basically every single chest on the map stayed there. Each game you were guaranteed a chest no matter where you landed.

But epic decided to actually remove the 100 chest spawn a few season ago. Its most insane decision they had made.

2- Siphon

Siphon had to be on our list there something everyone misses is this.

It was a such hot topic for the community back in the day  especially during a time many wacky weapons and items.

Siphon – MortalTech

In case you do not know who he was. Siphon was ex reward for eliminating a player where you get a health or shield for free.

It was amazing but epic decided to remove it from Fortnite because it make game more aggressive and pro players were way more powerful in casual modes.

Siphon is still activated in arena but people sometime just want to play regular battle royal without worrying about competing.

Things Fortnite remove may be good for players when fortnite player misses ?

1- Skill Based Matching in Fortnite

Pretty much everyone can agree , that right now Fortnite is the probably the sweatiest.

It has ever been, especially because of skill based match making a  large chunk of community just misses those simpler time where we could load in to the match .

Skill Based Matching -Mortaletch

where we do not have to worry about where someone is building a three story house for their family in 10 freaking seconds.

So many new and less skilled players are quitting after few matched. Because there is skill gap which is insane. Maybe Fortnite could introduce something to make game a little bit less intense.

Let me know in comments if 10 Things Every Fortnite Player Misses is for you too!

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