How to play Among us with complete detail, an online Multiplayer game which take place in space. 2 roles are available in Among us crewmates, or imposter.

how to play mortaltech
how to play mortaltech

Although it was released in 2018 but it got people attention in 2020. Streamers and youtubers plays and important role for the fame of this game. Good news is another part is in development, Among us 2.

You can download this game from here.

How to Play Among Us

As we already know it is an online multiplayer game, where 4 to 10 players can participate in a match. Further there are two roles Crewmates, and Imposters.

From 1 – 3 layers can play as imposter and they are selected randomly. Among us has 3 maps, A spaceship, headquarter building and last one is planet base.

among us online  game mortaltech
among us online game

Tasks are assigned to crewmates which they must complete. Imposters task are sabotage Map systems, find other imposters, kill crewmates and they are also given some fake task, so no one have a doubt on them.


Players becomes ghost when they are killed by imposters. Ghost has the ability to help their crewmates, they can pass through walls. But they can interact in a limited way.


Only Crewmates can see the ghosts. One ghost cannot see any other ghost. Crewmates have a limited view due to the top down game view.

How to win a game in Among Us

For Crewmates, they can win a game by completing all task assign to them before being killed. On other hand they can if they eliminate any imposters.

Imposters can win by killing enough cremates so both crewmates and imposters have equal number of players left.

Ghost can help their cremates by completing the task and sabotage imposter ghosts.

How to win a game in Among Us
How to win a game in Among Us

When imposter sabotage, there are 2 main cases either light turns off, or count down will start, cremates must resolve the sabotage to win otherwise they will all die.

If a cremates sees a dead body, he will report to other crewmates and there will be a meeting. In meeting they will decide who is imposter.

How to play Among us Complete Detail

If Majority votes a single player, he will be ejected in space and dies. Players can call a meeting any time they want.

Normally they chat on message because game does not have any voice built in option. There are costumes, skins and many more things, but some of them are paid.

Among us is also available on pc with some criticism 





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