How to: How to Play Steam Games on Tesla


How to: How to Play Steam Games on Tesla, Boss baby in the business Elon Musk has a number of unique ideas.

Among them is his recent decision to stop paying rent on Twitter’s premises as a “cost-cutting” measure. But at least he isn’t scared to stick with the concept.

How to: How to Play Steam Games on Tesla

Tesla added Steam to its car software with a Christmas update on December 13, more than a year after Musk originally imagined a Valve-compatible Tesla.

Games on Tesla

Tesla is  attempting to turn its vehicles into extremely costly, fragile game consoles. The addition of Atari games that could be played while stationary was something Musk’s business revealed in 2018.

Musk’s remark that a Tesla Model S or X is effectively a PS5 on wheels were both made in 2021.

least possibly. Latest model revisions locked some owners out of enjoying classic games in the beautiful confines of a Walmart parking lot.

The PS5 idea never amounted to anything meaningful. The only way Tesla customers will be able to play Cyberpunk 2077, as Musk has promised for more than a year, is through this Steam connection.

How to Play Steam Games on Tesla

However, it only works with Model S and X vehicles manufactured in 2022 and “needs Premium Connectivity,” according to the release notes.

In a  teaser video “Your Tesla is Now A Gaming Rig,” Customer can access steam arcade in vehicle. They should even play Cyberpunk, link their profiles to their automobiles, and more.

One YouTube commentator exclaims, “If I ever decide to entirely live in a car, this would be amazing!” This is a valid consideration for Musk as well, who is illogically one of the richest persons in the world yet refuses to pay his rent.





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