Missouri Amendment 3: When may you purchase marijuana

Missouri Amendment 3 When may you purchase marijuana mortaltech

Missouri Amendment 3: When may you purchase marijuana, After voters adopted Amendment 3, recreational marijuana will soon be legal in Missouri.

When can you buy some legal edibles and when will your record be cleaned of prior marijuana charges?

Despite the fact that voters have already cast their ballots (53.1% for yes and 46.9% against), the amendment won’t really take effect until December 8.

Therefore, none of the provisions will go into effect until the next month.

Furthermore, it will take a bit longer than expected before you can actually buy marijuana from dispensaries. Here is a rundown of how Missouri’s legalization will go.

Purchase and Sell Marijuana in Missouri

Missouri residents won’t be allowed to purchase marijuana-related items legally until February 6, 2023.

In 2018, medicinal marijuana became legal in Missouri. First in line for recreational license’s will be the companies that have emerged as market leaders in the state’s medicinal marijuana sector.


A “microbusiness” license programme is also established under the amendment for newer, smaller firms and entrepreneurs.

This microbusiness licencing programme is meant to assist those who want to enter the market by producing or growing marijuana on a smaller scale.

Entrepreneurs who fulfil specific financial or geographic requirements.

as well as those from families or areas that have historically been harmed by marijuana prohibition.

will only be eligible for the micro licencing programme.


Additionally, the amendment mandates that any non-violent marijuana offences be automatically dismissed. In order to seal a criminal charge so that it is no longer public.

The court must expunge the charge from the record. According to the Missouri Bar, the record can still be made public with a court order.

By June 8, 2023, the courts will examine and delete the records of anybody with a nonviolent marijuana offence who is not already jailed.

With the exception of those with charges for DUI or supplying marijuana to minors. According to John Payne, a representative for Legal Missouri 2022.

The organization that supported Amendment 3, records will be purged in order of the seriousness of the offence, meaning less serious instances would be wiped first.



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