Does TikTok baffle you? You’re not alone!

The platform’s primary user base was Gen Z. However, the burgeoning popularity of this short-term video hosting service expanded to include the millennials. And the millennials seem to be struggling with this platform. If you feel the same, this article is for you.

Your Guide To Using Tiktok As A Pro
Your Guide To Using Tiktok As A Pro

What is TikTok and its Features?

TikTok is a platform where users create short-format videos and post them. The platform boasts over 1 billion monthly active users, and its popularity soared during the pandemic-induced lockdowns.

TikTok is a beneficial platform for influencers due to the following features:

  • Available in 39 languages and 154 countries
  • Free access to thousands of music
  • In-built, user-friendly video editing tool
  • Hundreds of free filters, stickers, and emojis to make videos stand out
  • Duets and challenges on the platforms help content creators get discovered instantly
  • Hundreds of free videos to inspire content creators with your next video
  • Robust algorithm that shows users videos that they like

Here’s How to Get Started with TikTok

  • Create an account and edit your profile

Install TikTok and create your account. You can connect TikTok to your existing accounts like Gmail, Twitter, or Facebook. Or you can create a standard username and password using your phone number or email address.

Then, edit your profile by clicking the Profile icon. Use a profile picture or a video. Add an 80-character bio. By default, all accounts are public. You can change this by clicking the three-dot icon in your profile and making your profile private.

Start posting videos.

  • Add content to Favorites

There’s no dearth of new content on this platform. In essence, you can infinitely scroll and find exciting videos to stay entertained.

Whether you seek inspiration for your next video or want to re-watch a video you liked, utilizing the Favorites feature is the best solution. TikTok Favorites is similar to bookmarks on web browsers. You can save the videos you like to watch later. Besides videos, you can add effects and filters to this section and then use them for your next video.

To add videos, filters, or effects to the Favorites folder, open TikTok > find what you want to add > click the bookmark icon on the bottom right.

  • Record Videos

Click the plus button in the center to open your phone’s camera. Then, you can record 15-seconds to 3-minute videos.

You can click the Template option and choose a pre-made template to create photo slideshows.

Enhance your recording experience by utilizing the different icons in the top right. These icons are Filters, Speed, Beauty, Reply, and Timer. Filters and Beauty let you enhance the video quality by applying filters and removing blemishes, adjusting the shape of your face, etc. Timer lets you auto-record the countdown so you can record videos hands-free. The Speed option records fast-forward or slow-motion videos.

  • Apply Effects and Music

TikTok offers a magnanimous library of free music. You can find popular music to dance to, lip-sync or use as the background music. Using music in your videos will increase the chance of your content becoming viral.

To add sound to your video, click the top center of the recording interface and browse through the list of available sounds. The music will be categorized as per trending status, genre, etc. Choose the music you like and use it for your video.

Also, TikTok allows users to be as creative as possible. So, the only limitation is your imagination. The platform offers all kinds of effects, from the most subtle to the most grandiose. There are also effects on dogs, cats, and other animals.

  • Join TikTok challenges

The TikTok community is united by challenges. Challenges can be created by anyone, and everyone can participate in them. These involve performing particular options and using specific hashtags. They can be brand-sponsored or organic.

You can participate in these challenges to gain more exposure, and your account will get more followers.

You can start finding challenges by going to the Discover section and finding trending hashtags and brand-sponsored challenges.

  • Earn Money

Become a TikTok influencer to earn a handsome income. Your income will depend on the size of your following.

You can earn money on this platform by joining TikTok’s Creator Marketplace and Creator Fund, becoming a brand ambassador, creating sponsored content, accepting virtual gifts, placing affiliate links, selling influencer merchandise, etc.

Also, focus on growing your followers and audience. The more exposure your content gets, the better will be your earning capacity.


Follow this guide to become a pro at using TikTok. This platform can keep you entertained and also help you earn money. Furthermore, the platform lets you sharpen your creative skills and push your limits of imagination. It is also a great platform to meet people and be a part of a community.

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